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  <title>UI - Project Dependencies for Unmanaged Porjects</title>
<h1>Project Dependencies for Un-managed Projects</h1>
<h2>Proposed User View<br>
<img alt="" src="108501/requiredprojectsui.jpg"
 style="width: 1235px; height: 713px;"><br>
- Un-managed projects (projects with existing makefile) can depend on
other projects. These projects are called Required Projects or
- A required project can be any native project regardless of type
(application, Library, Makefile based, ...).<br>
- Require projctes are specifid in a similar way to how subpprojects
are specified in managed projects. The difference is only the project
itself is specified and not also the output of the project (usually a
- When building an un-managed project with required projects, the
required projects that have the Build checkbox set are build first.<br>
- "Open Required Projects" menu action from project context menu will
open all required projects.<br>
- All required projects are returned when requesting sub projects with
"Set SubprojectProvider.getSubprojects()"or "List&lt;Nativeproject&gt;

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