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As I understand, you are using not just NetBeans, but Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, right?

In any case I have some recommendations concerning both IDE slowness and build issues.

1. To cope with slowness, I would propose to share the directories your project reside in via samba or whatever and access code through this share. In other words, use "Mixed" mode according to the article
(as I understand you are now using "Full" mode)

To do this, after you share directory and assign a Windows drive letter to it,
- Go to your remote host properties (in Services Panel or in Tools > Options > C++ > "Edit..." button to the right of "Build Hosts" combo)
- In "Access Project Files via..." combo-box select "System level file sharing"
- Open project via File > Open Project (or "Open Project..." toolbar button, but not "Open Remote C/C++ project")

This way might appear significantly faster then using Full Remote mode.

2. Problems when building.

How IDE builds, (both remotely and locally) depends on project type. With makefile-based project (also known as "project from binary" or "project from existing sources"), it just invokes make command on your own make file.

But it prepends the path of your "Tool Collection" to the path. I guess that's the reason your project is built with /usr/bin/gcc instead of /opt/gcc-4.3.5/bin/gcc.

To fix this, go to the host list (I would recommend using Services Pane, if it is not open, it can be opened via Tools > Services)
expand node, invoke context menu on "Tools Collections" and add new Tool Collection - "/opt/gcc-4.3.5/bin/gcc".

Then in project properties, select this tool collection (in "Build" node).

Hope this helps, if not please don't hesitate asking again


On 11/08/2012 09:35 AM, sreekar545 wrote:
Hi we want to use remote development features of netbeans but while trying 
out on our setup its very slow. I want to understand its feasibility of 
integrating our build environment with netbeans.

Our setup wouldbe normally:
1. Windows 7 Professional 64bit where we install netbeans
2. RHEL 5.5 64bit linux where we have tools and sources

Normally we directly connect to that machine through PuTTY and use VIM to edit sources 
and gmake to compile and build projects. Now when I created the "New Remote 
Project with existing sources" and try to use it It took more time to load the 
project. and while compiling Im getting the error:

*** This tree has originally been built with /opt/gcc-4.3.5/bin/gcc
*** and you are trying to use /usr/bin/gcc.
*** Please check your PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH and try again.

  So Can anybody tell me how actually this remote compilation works??
Because we have some GBs of sources here on linux box and I want to know is 
it possible for smooth development with this big data??[/b]

How Remote Development of C++ works in Netbeans ??

sreekar545 11/08/2012

How Remote Development of C++ works in Netbeans ??

pushframework 11/08/2012

Re: How Remote Development of C++ works in Netbeans ??

Vladimir Kvashin 11/08/2012

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