Remote debugging problem on 7.1

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  • Subject: Remote debugging problem on 7.1
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 19:20:31 -0200


I've got this awkward situation, only with NB 7.1: for a while (a week or so), everything works fine and then, remote debugger stops working -- everything else is ok (build, terminal, run etc). I've tried to fetch any logs from client-side but no log was actually produced (~/.netbeans/7.1/var/log/messages.log) and I've got these messages from sshd:

Jan 24 18:55:16 linux-r463 sshd[21842]: Did not receive identification string from ...
Jan 24 18:55:16 linux-r463 sshd[21843]: Accepted publickey for user from ... ssh2
Jan 24 18:55:16 linux-r463 sshd[21847]: subsystem request for sftp by user ...
Jan 24 18:55:20 linux-r463 sshd[21847]: channel_by_id: 3: bad id: channel free
Jan 24 18:55:20 linux-r463 sshd[21847]: Disconnecting: Received data for nonexistent channel 3.

Both local and remote hosts run OpenSUSE and file access is configured through NFS sharing.

There is a workaround, though: when I delete all configurations (the whole .netbeans directory), ssh debugging gets normal. I've already tried to export/import settings and it didn't work either.

It seems like, at some point, ssh channels get stuck and the IDE starts to increment them (when the error occurs). Does it make any sense?

Any idea is appreciated, I'm getting tired of reconfiguring the IDE every week..

-- Paulo

Remote debugging problem on 7.1

Paulo Panhoto 01/24/2012

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