Video of NetBeans IDE Support for Java ME 8

This screencast demonstrates NetBeans IDE support for Oracle Java ME SDK 8 on the Windows operating system. It shows how to:

  • activate Java ME support in NetBeans IDE (at 1:17)
  • register Java ME 8 SDK in NetBeans IDE (at 2:04)
  • create a Java ME 8 Embedded Project (at 3:06)
  • customize a Java ME 8 Embedded Project (at 4:01)
  • run a Java ME 8 Embedded Project (at 5:58)

Authors: Roman Svitanic, Alyona Stashkova
Time: 6:38

Watch full size/Download (.mp4) (Ctrl-Click to download, 12,2 MB)

Note: Closed captioning is available for this video. Click the CC button at the bottom of the video to turn closed captions on.


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