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100 NetBeans IDE Tips and Tricks — Your Guide to Finding Your Way Around the NetBeans IDE


• Source Code Editing
• Editor Insights
• Navigation
• Projects
• Automate Tasks with Ant
• GUI Builder
• Look and Feel
• Time Savers
• Space Savers
• Keyboard
• Documentation and Help
• Advanced and Miscellaneous
• The Installer

NetBeans is not only a great IDE and platform, it is also a community of programming enthusiasts. 100 NetBeans IDE Tips and Tricks is a collection of the best technical tips for the NetBeans IDE, collected from community blogs, forums, NetBeans evangelists, and the author’s personal experience.

The book focuses on specific recipes that can make you more productive in your routine development tasks and provides answers to your most pressing questions.

The default software version for these tips is NetBeans IDE 6.0, when a feature is specific to another version, it is called out. The default platform is Microsoft Windows; Mac OS keyboard shortcuts are noted in parentheses.

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A unique print version was handed out at JavaOne 2008. This book is now available as eBook.

ISBN: 978-0-13-701181-0, 170 Pages.

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