MySQL and NetBeans IDE

With NetBeans IDE, you can develop a wide range of applications that use MySQL databases. Below are two screencasts and various NetBeans tutorials that feature MySQL.

Getting Started with Database-Driven Applications using MySQL

This 7-minute screencast demonstrates how you can get started developing database-driven applications using the NetBeans IDE. It describes how to connect to a MySQL server and work in the SQL editor by creating tables. It also shows how to interact with the tables in a desktop application, and how to expose tables using RESTful web services.

Database Support Improvements in NetBeans IDE 6.5

This 6-minute screencast demonstrates enhancements to database support in NetBeans 6.5. These include support for the Sakila database, improved support for MySQL, improvements to the SQL Editor, SQL code completion, displaying multiple rowsets, and SQL history.


The following tutorials all feature MySQL:

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