NetBeans CDC Emulator Platform Setup Guide

Though NetBeans supports Java Micro Edition (ME) Connected Device Configuration (CDC) development, the IDE does not have a CDC platform included in the installer that allows you to create applications for CDC devices using the Personal, Foundation, or AGUI Profiles. This document provides information about downloading, installing, and registering the Nokia Series 80 Platform SDK for Symbian OS, for Java, Personal Profile for CDC development.



Content on this page applies to NetBeans IDE 7.2 and 7.3

Required Software

To complete this tutorial, you need the following software and resources:

Software or Resource Version Required
NetBeans IDE with Java ME 7.2 or 7.3
Java Development Kit (JDK) 6 or 7

Installing Nokia Series 80 Platform SDK for Symbian OS, for Java, Personal Profile

Developers for Nokia 80 Series devices can install the Series 80 Platform SDK for Symbian OS for Java, Personal Profile by following these instructions:

  1. Download the Nokia Series 80 Platform SDK for Symbian OS, for Java, Personal Profile from the Nokia Developer Forum (a Nokia account is required). The file name is
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Navigate to the location on your system where you unzipped the file. Double-click on the setup.exe file icon. The Nokia installer wizard opens.
  4. Follow the wizard instructions to install the SDK. The wizard will prompt you to choose the device you want to be the default device. Choose the Series80_DP2_0_PP_SDK.
  5. From the Main Menu of the NetBeans IDE, choose Tools > Java Platforms.
  6. Click Add Platform. The Add Java Platform dialog opens.
  7. Select Java ME CDC Platform Emulator and click Next.
  8. Select the folder that contains the platform SDK. The default directory is C:\Symbian\7.0s\S80_DP2_0_PP_SDK. Click Next.
  9. If desired, use the Platform Name dialog to add or remove additional resource libraries.
  10. Click Finish. The IDE registers the CDC platform.
  11. Click Close to close the Java Platform Manager dialog box.


Next Steps

Installing and registering CDC platforms in the IDE enables you to begin writing Java ME applications for CDC devices. For an introduction to developing Java ME CDC applications using NetBeans, see the NetBeans Java ME CDC Development Quick Start Guide.


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