NetBeans Innovators Grants - selected projects

20 Projects selected for the Grant Announced!

April 14th, 2008

Large projects

  • CashForward (Bill Snyder)
    CashForward is money management Swing application built on the NetBeans platform. We expect CashForward to provide a solid example of how to use the NetBeans Rich Client platform for real-world applications.
  • Cube°n (Anuradha Gunasekara)
    Cube°n makes tasks a first class part of NetBeans by integrating with an issue tracking system. It then monitors your work activity to identify what's relevant and improves productivity by reducing searching, scrolling, navigation and sharing expertise. Support for integration with JIRA is planned initially, but the abstraction layer will facilitate support of other repositories such as Bugzilla and Trac in the future.
  • JavaSpaces (Magdalena Dukielska)
    This project will provide plugins that make working with JavaSpaces in NetBeans easy -- even for beginners. These plugins will let developers concentrate on logic of the program instead of tinkering with the JavaSpaces technology itself.
  • IvyBeans (Laurent Forêt)
    IvyBeans will provide full Apache Ivy integration into the library management feature of the NetBeans IDE. This includes support for managing and downloading dependencies, setting the project classpath and editing the relevant configuration files used by Ivy.
  • NB Project (Alessandro Dourado)
    This project will create a software projects management tool based on the NetBeans platform using a client/server architecture and a database to support use by the developers on a team as well as their manager. It will support task definition, resource management and project status reporting.
  • NB-XUL (Aditya Kumar Sharma)
    This project will add support to NetBeans for designing user interfaces using Mozilla's XML User Interface Language (XUL). This support will include an XUL Editor with code completion, syntax highlighting, code folding and a structural view as well as a debugger and wizards that will help you create XUL applications with ease and speed.
  • NetBeans Spot/Sun SPOT Plugin (Thiago Galbiatti Vespa)
    This plugin will give the NetBeans Platform the ability to integrate the Sun Spot access interface through a wireless network, a gateway, or by using a Sun Spot emulator.
  • NbPython (Allan Davis)
    nbPython will add first class support for the Python language to the NetBeans IDE, similar to how the IDE already supports the Ruby language.
  • Scala Support (Caoyuan Deng)
    This project will provide an integrated development environment for building, running, testing, and debugging Scala applications.
  • Visual JavaFX (Adam Kędziora)
    The goal of this project is to create a visual editor for JavaFX, complete with vector-based drawing tools, support for generating JavaFX applets, creating animations and more.

Small projects

  • CoffeeDregs (Kees Huizing)
    CoffeeDregs is a tool that visualizes step by step the execution of an arbitrary Java program. This tool is aimed at students and will allow them to step line by line through their code to visual program execution. In contrast to a debugger, this tool visually renders the objects including fields and currently active methods calls.
  • JSpree (ManiKanta G)
    This module will provide a full reference library for JavaScript, including the details of browser implementations of all objects and methods. It will also support adding custom code snippets, allowing a developer to simply drag & drop their snippets into an editor.
  • Netbeans Update Service (Mark Ashworth)
    This project aims to make it easy to set up a central server for mirroring the NetBeans Update Center on a corporate network. This will allow developers without Internet access to keep their IDEs updated while also saving bandwidth.
  • MONOH (Carlos Oliveira)
    MONOH will add voice response to the NetBeans IDE. This will allow users to configure it to recognize a word or even a whole sentence that will trigger an action. That action might open a project, run an application or even create a new Java class.
  • Numbered Bookmarks (M.A.S. Jayasundara)
    The Numbered Bookmarks plugin will allow users to reference bookmarks in their files by number instead of having to cycle through them to find one, and will support navigation among bookmarks in different files. Users will be able to switch between the default behavior and Numbered Bookmarks.
  • PDFViewer (Steve Tzou)
    This project will use Sun's PDF Renderer library to add built-in support for viewing PDF documents right inside the NetBeans IDE.
  • PL/SQL Editor (Alexandre Soumbatov)
    This project will add support for editing Oracle PL/SQL right inside the NetBeans IDE, including syntax highlighting, code folding and indentation.
  • Project Darkstar Tools and Mobility Support (Karel Herink)
    Project Darkstar has great potential to revolutionize massively multi-player online game development and we intend to make developing for it easier by creating a plugin for the NetBeans IDE.
  • Regular Expressions Module (Angad Singh)
    This project aims to create a simple and easy to use all-in-one solution for helping developers in all aspects of working with regular expressions in NetBeans, including learning, building, testing, debugging, visualizing, profiling, analysing, organizing, searching and sharing regular expressions.
  • Resource Bundle Editor (Denis Stepanov)
    This project will add improved support for editing resource bundles in the NetBeans IDE, including sorting, grouping, searching properties as well as detection of unused properties.

Congratulations to all project owner that have been selected for the grant contest, and many thanks to all those who took part.

Deadlines and Details

Submissions open February 1, 2008
Submissions deadline March 7, 2008
Judges announce the winning projects that will receive the grants April 14, 2008
Results and Gold and Silver Awards announced August 25, 2008
Final project deadline - grant money is paid to finished projects September 1, 2008

For more information about status of individual projects and more detailed schedule please visit NetBeans Innovators Grant Status Wiki page.