NetBeans Innovation Grant FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who reviews submissions?

A panel of judges, composed by members of the NetBeans Community and representatives of Sun will judge all submissions. The decisions of the judges are final. The list of judges will be published once the submission period is over.

I just submitted my proposal, when will I hear from someone?

Once your proposal is received, you will be notified that we received, so you know that your submission will be evaluated. You will only be notified about the selection process once the judges have a final decision. At their discretion, Judges may contact you for small clarifications on the proposal during the process.

Will the winners be posted somewhere?

All winners will be notified by e-mail and the information will be posted here in this site.

Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can make?

No. You can submit any number of proposals, and can participate in multiple teams. It is up to the judges to decide to award grants to one or more of your proposals.

How large can I make my team?

There is no size limit, but the size of the grant assumes a team size of 5-10 developers. If you want to create a larger team, that's fine too. Just remember that the team leader is responsible for dividing the grant among all participants.

Do you have any suggestions for projects?

Yes. The NetBeans Dream Team has several projects ideas at this wiki.

Can I submit a project that has already been developed?

No. This is a grant, that is, an amount of money given for a project to be developed, and not a prize for a work done in the past. You can propose additional functionality, some expansion work or any new development, on top of your existing project.

Can I submit a closed source project?

No. All work under the grant must be open source projects, and be licensed under NetBeans compatible licenses, and even be developed in the open (open repository, open mailing lists). If your project is somehow dependent on a closed source project (for example, a module to access a closed source version control system), this is valid, as long as the code you develop under the grant is open source.

Why do I have to sign the Sun Contributor Agreement?

This is a grant which aims to improve the NetBeans Project. Only code contributed under the SCA can be added to NetBeans. All the code contributed under this grant must be contributed under the SCA. Even if you don't think your code will be of immediate use for NetBeans, the SCA is required, because it may be of use in the future. Also, the SCA allows you to contribute in the future to NetBeans, so, as a member of the NetBeans Community, your signing of the SCA will allow you participate more.

Can my company participate submitting proposals?

While your team can have multiple developers from the same company, grants will only be paid to the individual that is the Project Contact, and not to a company. For legal details, download and print the Legal Information: NetBeans Innovators Grants Call for Proposals (pdf)

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