NetBeans Innovators Grants: Details

Rules and Guidelines

To compete for the grant you need to submit a complete proposal of your idea or project. Here are the rules and guidelines:

  • The project proposed needs to be a new and original work. You can use or extend existing open source code, including code from the NetBeans Project, but you need to propose a new work, that you will implement once the grant is approved;

  • All code developed under the grant needs to be open sourced under an OSI approved open source license, and it has to be kept compatible with the NetBeans Project licences (GPL and CDDL);

  • The developer or team members must be registered NetBeans Community members. Also, the developer or team members must sign the Sun Contributor Agreement as it is expected all entries will be contributions to NetBeans. This protects all NetBeans contributors by granting joint copyright and ownership. (For more details about the CA and how to submit it, see the Contributor Agreement FAQ) ;

  • The proposal must include enough details about the project so the panel of judges can be confident the project is doable and the applicant has the conditions to implement it. Information expected include:
    1. Overview of the project.
    2. Discussion of advantages and the expected benefits to the NetBeans Project and community.
    3. Discussion of related competing or complementary open source projects that can benefit from the work done.
    4. Technical discussion on how the project will be implemented
    5. Proposed project milestones, that detail what will be done and by when. Milestones need to cover at least a 60%, 80% and 100% project completion, and will be used during the grant period to keep track of the project evolution;
    6. Extended project possibilities, that detail how the project could evolve beyond the original proposed plan. The extra work will be considered for an extra money grant if the proposed project is completed;
    7. Assurances that the applicant is able to deliver the project in the proposed time frame: community or university support, local JUG endorsement, technical capacity, etc.;
  • This is a grant for open source work, not a contest, once accepted there are expectations of completeness, so the project has to be implemented in the open -- have a public repository hosting all source code and public mailing lists where development decisions are made at a minimum. The project can have its own infrastructure, or be hosted in sites like,, or others. Hosting on these other popular sites makes it easy to use available and popular infrastructure, reducing the time a project will need to get organized and formulate a proposal. This requirement will help both the NetBeans community and the grantees by helping make sure the project is completed through openness and collaboration.
  • A backup or contingency plan should be in place. We do live in the real world and things can go wrong. Making sure your code is kept in a public repository which is backed up such as or helps protect your investment. Remember too that your personal hardware can fail. Be sure once started if your computer were to crash you could get up and running quickly to stay on target; this may mean you need a backup or to be sure you could purchase or borrow another.

Ready to get started?

Just fill out the Submission Form. The more detailed your entry and the more closely you follow the guidelines (the list above), the better your chances. Good luck!