NetBeans Innovators Grant Contest

Dream Projects Become Reality - Innovators Grant Contest Winners Announced!

September 29, 2008

Eight months and 170+ submitted project proposals later, we present the winners of the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest!

Launched in February 2008, the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest was part of Sun Microsystems initiative to give US$ 1 million to open source developers worldwide to work on their favorite Sun-sponsored project.

Getting paid to develop a dream project or idea that could be of use to other developers? The response from the NetBeans community was immediate! A panel of experts from the NetBeans Dream Team was tasked to evaluate the best proposals. 20 projects were selected and their developers assigned mentors from the NetBeans Dream Team and the NetBeans Engineering Team. After months of development and feedback, 13 projects were completed, reviewed by the panel and approved for the grant awards.

The Winning Projects:

Large projects

Small projects


Four projects were selected for meeting high standards of quality, usability and demonstrating potential for future growth.

Gold Award Medalists

Silver Award Medalists

The NetBeans Team and Community congratulate all the developers for their outstanding work!

Read Sun Microsystems' Official Announcement.

Listen to a podcast interview with winning developers Anuradha Gunasekara (Cube°n) and Hong Wei Deng (Scala Support).

Read interviews with winning developers Lorent Foret (IvyBeans) and  Alexandre Soumbatov (PL/SQL Editor).

Learn more about the 20 projects selected for the NetBeans Innovators Grant Awards, and find detailed schedule and status information for individual projects here.

A Message from Jiri Kovalsky, NetBeans Technical Community Manager

Let me congratulate all winning projects and especially the ones who received the Gold and Silver Awards because I think they truly deserve the prize! Thank you very much for your excellent work.

I would also like to express many thanks to the NetBeans Dream Team whose help was essential to the success of the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest.

Again, thank you everyone for making all these dreams come true!

Listen to a podcast interview with Jiri Kovalsky.

Quotes about Gold & Silver Award Projects from Members of the NetBeans Dream Team and NetBeans Engineering Team

About Scala Language Support, Gold Award Medalist

"The Scala Language Support is a very complex contribution which provides the NetBeans IDE with everything needed to develop an application in the Scala programming language."

Tomas Zezula, NetBeans Java Infrastructure Software Engineer

About Cube°n, Gold Award Medalist

"Cube°n brings task focused development to NetBeans 6.5. It is heavily influenced by the popular Eclipse Mylyn plugin, which some say is Eclipse's killer feature. The first release comes with support for the JIRA issue tracker, and there are future plans to support IssueZilla, Bugzilla and XPlanner. Anyone interested in this plugin is encouraged to install it and provide feedback to the developer."

Ryan de Laplante, NetBeans Dream Team member

About ivyBeans, Silver Award Medalist

"IvyBeans brings simple and quick project dependency management to the Ant based NetBeans projects. It really simplifies the task of piecing together an application from existing library repositories. This is especially useful when using well known open-source libraries, but can simplify the task for any commercial project just the same. Find a library, add it to your project, it along with all dependencies are immediately available to your project without any other project configuration from the developer. What more could you ask?"

Wade Chandler, NetBeans Dream Team member

About PL/SQL Editor, Silver Award Medalist

"PL/SQL Editor is a small but well featured module which makes it possible for Oracle advocates to have good level support for PL/SQL syntax and popular objects management inside their favorite Java IDE."

Masoud Kalali, NetBeans Dream Team member

"The PL/SQL Editor brings Oracle database development to NetBeans. It's easy to use, and looks to provide a better experience for Oracle users inside the NetBeans IDE. It has a ways to go, but with work progressing, look for this project to make Oracle development in NetBeans a piece of cake. It looks very promising, and I'm looking forward to its future."

Wade Chandler, NetBeans Dream Team member


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