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NetBeans IDE Features

Editing and Refactoring

PHP development in NetBeans IDE

The language-aware NetBeans editor detects errors while you type and assists you with documentation and smart code completion—all with the speed and simplicity of your favorite lightweight text editor.

PHP 5.4 Support

The IDE's PHP code completion supports PHP 5.4 array styles such as array dereferencing and short array syntax. NetBeans IDE also recognizes Traits and anonymous object variables ( also called "fluent instantiation"). Finally, NetBeans IDE for PHP includes minor features such as callable type hints, binary notation for integers, and Class::{expr}() invocation.


Code Completion

The editor provides automatic code completion (for most common PHPDoc annotations as well). While you type, it lists possible completions: The most obvious and common options are listed at the top, but you can always choose from the full set of options at the bottom. If one completes a method with parameters, IDE tries to compute and insert the most proper variable which is declared right before the completed method.


Easy Code Navigation

Use the navigator window or the Go To Type, Go To File, Go To Symbol, Go To Declaration, Find Usages menu items for easy code navigation in large projects. The editor warns about potential code problems by flagging them and giving an hint in a pop-up. A tasks window lists all warnings in the project, making it easy to find and resolve problems.




Insert Code

The IDE provides some basic rename refactorings of elements (classes, interfaces, methods, fields, etc.). It's closely connected with the Find Usages support which provides a way how to find a selected element through the whole project and display that usages in a UI.

The IDE provides a set of "Hints" which helps you to analyse your code and find some strange parts (unused variables, uninitialized variables, etc.) and most of them suggest you some simple solution how to fix that found problem.

The editor can generate common code snippets for you in PHP. A dialog is provided to give you complete control over which methods are created and which class attributes they access. The IDE assists you when overriding methods and generating accessors.

Fixing Use Statements

Type Hierarchy View

One of the most powerful actions of the NetBeans IDE for PHP is "Fix Uses..." action. It analysis your code and tries to find usages of types (classes, interfaces) which doesn't have its corresponding use statement (it analysis PHPDocs as well). If some naming conflicts appear the dialog is displayed and user can solve that problem.

The IDE provides a way how to show to user a type hierarchy (supertypes and subtypes) of a required type. Its graphical representation is displayed in a sepatate window next to a navigator window.

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