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Java SE (Standard Edition)

Java SE development in the NetBeans IDE
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The NetBeans IDE provides Java developers with all the tools they need to create professional Java SE applications. The NetBeans IDE supports development for JDK 6 and JDK 7.

Desktop Application Development

Java SE is the programming platform for developers who create browser applets, command line tools, and graphical user interfaces targeted for desktop users. Applications written in Java run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris and other operating systems.


Annotation Processors 

Attach annotation processors to a project and use them while working on your code. The NetBeans IDE supports third-party annotation processors, such as JPA 2.0 from JEE or custom ones.


Javadoc Integration

Use the Auto Comment action to generate Javadoc code for your methods. Use the Javadoc Analyzer plugin to check and fix existing Javadoc comments.


Java Call Hierarchy

The Java Call Hierarchy view displays a tree representing the hierarchy of callers and callees of the selected method in a project.


Compile on Save

The Build action has been replaced by the Compile on Save feature: Now the IDE builds your project automatically and the run/debug/test actions are immediately available after saving a file.

If you save changes to a method while the debugger is already running the running application will be automatically reloaded. Compilation errors inside a method don't stop you from running your program: The debugger will halt when the program runs into the method in question.

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Annotation processing

Java call hierchy

Unit Testing Tools

JUnit 3 and 4 are integrated into the IDE. You can quickly create, run and re-run unit tests and view the test results in the IDE. The editor provides keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation between the test and the class it is testing.

JUnit testing

Non-Proprietary Project Build System

The NetBeans IDE stores your project information in open, extendible, non-proprietary formats such as Apache Ant and Maven scripts.


Integrated Tools

The Java Bean support makes Bean property generation and BeanInfo editing easier. The NetBeans GUI Builder assists you with Java Swing development, from the prototype to the final graphical user interface. The well-integrated NetBeans debugger and the NetBeans profiler help you to write rock-solid Java desktop software.

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