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Maven in NetBeans IDE
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Take control of your build right where your code is—with standard build tools integrated into the IDE.



NetBeans IDE supports the Maven build system to help you manage project dependencies, builds, reports, and documentation. Open, build, run, debug, profile, and deploy your existing Maven projects, which can be opened without an import procedure. Wizards are provided for creating new applications based on existing Maven Archetypes, the Maven Repository browser lets you browse the content of your local repository and any registered remote repositories. Graphs show direct and transitive dependencies and identify version conflicts.

Maven in NetBeans IDE



The default NetBeans IDE project system is built directly on top of the Ant build system. All of the project commands, such as "Build Project" and "Run File in Debugger", call targets in the project's Ant script. You can therefore build and run your project outside the IDE exactly as it is built and run inside the IDE.

You do not need to be familiar with Ant to work with applications in the IDE. You can set all the basic compilation and runtime options in your project's Project Properties dialog box and the IDE automatically updates the project's Ant script. If you know how to work with Ant, you can customize a project's Ant script directly or write your own Ant script for your project.

Advanced Free-Form Project Configuration


A community-contributed plugin is available for Gradle, the Groovy-based build system. The plugin lets you open Gradle projects into the IDE, create new Gradle projects, and invoke Gradle commands in the IDE.

Gradle plugin
The Definitive Gradle Guide for NetBeans IDE

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