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Application Deployment and Monitoring

Java Enterprise application development in the NetBeans IDE
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NetBeans IDE supports multiple deployment platforms with out of the box support for the latest version of Glassfish. Post deployment, you can leverage the support for monitoring, profiling and testing your applications.


Deployment on Servers

The IDE works with any standard Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) container, and provides support for GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, WebLogic 12c and 11g, Apache Tomcat 7.0 and 6.0, JBoss 6.1, and others.

Deploy on Save

The IDE instantly redeploys any running Java EE application when a change is made to the project. Deploy on Save is available for web, EJB and EAR applications, and supported for GlassFish 3.x, WebLogic and Tomcat.

Also available, is the JRebel plugin that enables you to use JRebel to see changes you make to the code without the need to redeploy.


HTTP Monitoring

In addition to the debugging and profiling support, the IDE provides the HTTP Server-Side Monitor to help diagnose problems with data flow from JSP page and servlet execution on the web server. The HTTP Server-Side Monitor gathers data about HTTP requests that are processed by the servlet engine. For each HTTP request that is processed, the monitor records data about the incoming request and the data states maintained on the server. You can view data, store data for future sessions, and replay and edit previous requests.


Java EE Applications Testing

In conjunction with Maven, NetBeans IDE allows you to very quickly test an enterprise application. You can create test classes for your enterprise application with a wizard and then run the test in the IDE. The test class will create an instance of the GlassFish embedded EJB container to test the connection to the backend.

Testing a Maven based Java EE Application


View a JSP File's Servlet

Save and Replay

Deployment Configuration

When you execute a JSP file, you can view the translated servlet source in the Source Editor which can help debug issues in the JSP file.

In the HTTP Server Monitor, you can save and replay HTTP requests. When you replay a request, the response appears in the web browser. You can also edit a request to help debug issues corresponding to various scenarios for the request.

The IDE automatically updates your deployment descriptors as you code your web application. You can manually configure your deployment descriptors editing the descriptor files with a document view of the associated XML.

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