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Project Management

Project Management features in NetBeans IDE
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NetBeans IDE provides a variety of views on your data, from multiple project windows to file and hierarchy views, letting you drill down into your data quickly and easily.

Database Explorer

Project Views

The Projects window is the main entry point to your project sources. It shows a logical view of important project content.

In addition to the Projects window, the IDE provides the Files window, so that you can see all the files that belong to a project, and the Favorites window, where you can add folders and files so that they can be browsed within the IDE.

SQL Editor

File Views

The Navigator window provides a compact view of the currently selected file and simplifies navigation between different parts of the file.

For example, for Java files, the Navigator window shows a list of constructors, methods, and fields, while for HTML and CSS files it shows the logical structure of the selected document.


Hierarchy Views

The Hierarchy window displays the Supertypes and Subtypes of the currently selected Java file or the currently selected Java type under the cursor in the editor.

The Hierarchy window integrates with the Navigator window and the Javadoc window, so that you can easily see the elements of the selected item, as well as its javadoc.


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