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Java editor features in NetBeans IDE
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NetBeans IDE provides drivers for the Java DB, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database servers so that you can connect to these databases very easily. You can also register any other JDBC driver with the IDE, so that you can explore any database that provides a JDBC driver.

Database Explorer

Database Explorer

The Database Explorer lets you connect to databases and view their content.

You can create, modify, and delete tables, columns, and indices in your databases directly from the IDE.

Connecting to Oracle Database
Connecting to JavaDB Database
Connecting to MySQL Database
SQL Editor

SQL Editor

The SQL Editor helps you view and change data in your databases. You can open, edit, and run your SQL scripts in the SQL Editor.

The editor is richly featured with code completion and syntax coloring to help you write scripts quickly and correctly.

The editor is customizable and you can extend it with new features via plugins.


Wizard Based Client Generation

Use the JSF CRUD application generator (Create/Read/Update/Delete) to create complete functional JSF pages for manipulating data from a database.

The "Entity Classes from Database" wizard and the "RESTful Web Services from Database" wizard can quickly generate complex applications from databases registered in the IDE. Similarly, you can generate a JavaScript frontend for a RESTful web service, so that databases can be exposed easily in HTML5 application.

Use the customizable HTML and JSF component palettes to drag and drop HTML and JSF forms into web pages and to generate JSF data tables from entities.


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