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Team Collaboration

Java editor features in NetBeans IDE
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Work together with others on your team, via issue tracking and continuous integration.

Issue Tracker

Issue Tracking

You can configure NetBeans IDE to use your own Jira or BugZilla repository.

The user-friendly integration between version control systems and issue trackers allows you to commit code changes and update the associated issue status in one step. Create new issues and edit existing issues; sort and filter issues and save queries; create patches and add attachments—all from the IDE.


Continuous Integration

NetBeans IDE lets you create and manage Hudson continuous servers and related Hudson jobs. You can register Hudson instances, create new Hudson jobs, run Hudson jobs, and view results provided by the server.

Browse your hosted Hudson jobs, builds, workspaces, and artifacts, and inspect the build console in the Output window. When a build fails, you are notified immediately in the IDE's status bar.

To find out why a job failed, right-click a build node and inspect stack traces for all failed tests. You can also view the changelog and browse file diffs in a user-friendly way, right inside the IDE.

Hudson in NetBeans IDE


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