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Base IDE

Java editor features in NetBeans IDE
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NetBeans IDE is a modular developer tool for a wide range of application development technologies. The base IDE includes an advanced multi-language editor, Debugger and Profiler, as well as tools for versioning control and developer collaboration.


Templates and Sample Applications

NetBeans IDE gives you skeleton applications in the form of project templates for all the technologies it supports. In addition, it provides a set of sample applications, some of which can be recreated step by step by following a related tutorial available on

The IDE provides project templates and sample projects that help you create Java SE applications, Java EE applications, Java ME applications, HTML5 applications, NetBeans Platform applications, PHP application, and C/C++ applications.

NetBeans Technology Learning Trails


Databases and Services

The Services window gives you access to many ancillary resources, such as databases, servers, web services, and issue trackers.

You can start and stop databases and servers directly in the IDE. When working with databases, you can add, remove, and modify your data in the IDE. When you have deployed an application to a server, you can manage your deployed resources because they are displayed in the Servers node.

You can connect to a bug database, such as Issuezilla or Bugzilla, and list issue reports for your project right in the IDE.

Integration with External Tools and Services


Plugin Manager

While using the IDE, you can always go to the Plugin Manager from the Tools menu to add, remove, or update the installed set of features.

A wide variety of plugins are available for all types of development, from Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, HTML5, Groovy, and PHP to C/C++ development.

Community contributed plugins are also available in the NetBeans Plugin Portal.

NetBeans Plugin Portal


Quick Search

Action Items

Customizable Workspace

netbeans ide-wide quick search
The Quick Search is a centralized location where you can do searches throughout all Java types in the JDK, actions in the IDE, help sets, options settings, and projects.

The Action Items window automatically scans your code and lists commented lines containing words such as "TODO" or "FIXME", as well as lines with compilation errors, quick fixes, and style warnings.

The IDE's workspace can be modified. You can customize the buttons in the toolbar and drag and reposition tabs in the IDE application frame to suit your individual workflow. You can undock tabs and drag them outside the application frame, even onto a different monitor.

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