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Groovy and Grails development in the NetBeans IDE
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NetBeans IDE provides tools for Groovy and Grails developers with integration into Java EE and Java SE projects.

Groovy Editor

Groovy Editor

The Groovy editor supports syntax highlighting and code folding. Code completion can handle method reference and safe dereference operators, while it also provides names of dynamic methods for Grails domain and controller classes. The editor highlights occurrences and is integrated with the IDE's navigator.

Groovy integrates well with Java in any Java EE and Java SE project. You can call Groovy classes from Java code and Java classes from Groovy code.

Introduction to Groovy


For the web tier, the IDE supports the Grails framework. Multiple Grails actions are integrated into the IDE's workflow. You control the deployment status of your Grails application from the Services window, you can run Grails generators, run Grails commands on projects, and build Groovy Server Pages (GSP).

The IDE also opens existing Grails projects without adding any metadata to it.

Introduction to the Grails Framework

Griffon and Gradle

Community-contributed plugins are available for the following Groovy-oriented tools:

  • Griffon, the Groovy-based desktop framework.
  • Gradle, the Groovy-based build system.
Griffon plugin
Gradle plugin

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