org.openide.dialogs 6.5.31

Class DialogDisplayer

  extended by org.openide.DialogDisplayer

public abstract class DialogDisplayer
extends Object

Permits dialogs to be displayed.


Constructor Summary
protected DialogDisplayer()
          Subclass constructor.
Method Summary
abstract  Dialog createDialog(DialogDescriptor descriptor)
          Get a new standard dialog.
static DialogDisplayer getDefault()
          Get the default dialog displayer.
abstract  Object notify(NotifyDescriptor descriptor)
          Notify the user of something in a message box, possibly with feedback.
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Constructor Detail


protected DialogDisplayer()
Subclass constructor.

Method Detail


public static DialogDisplayer getDefault()
Get the default dialog displayer.

the default instance from lookup


public abstract Object notify(NotifyDescriptor descriptor)
Notify the user of something in a message box, possibly with feedback.

To support both GUI and non-GUI use, this method may be called from any thread (providing you are not holding any locks), and will block the caller's thread. In GUI mode, it will be run in the AWT event thread automatically. If you wish to hold locks, or do not need the result object immediately or at all, please make this call asynchronously (e.g. from the request processor).

descriptor - description of the notification
the option that caused the message box to be closed


public abstract Dialog createDialog(DialogDescriptor descriptor)
Get a new standard dialog. The dialog is designed and created as specified in the parameter. Anyone who wants a dialog with standard buttons and standard behavior should use this method.

Do not cache the resulting dialog if it is modal and try to reuse it! Always create a new dialog using this method if you need to show a dialog again. Otherwise previously closed windows can reappear.

descriptor - general description of the dialog
the new dialog

org.openide.dialogs 6.5.31

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