Class TopComponent.NodeName

  extended by org.openide.nodes.NodeAdapter
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
PropertyChangeListener, EventListener, NodeListener
Enclosing class:

Deprecated. Please do not use. This support class does nothing much useful. If you need to synchronize display name of your TopComponent with some Node's display name, we recommend you to do it manually in your client's code.

public static class TopComponent.NodeName
extends NodeAdapter

This class provides the connection between the node name and a name of the component.

Constructor Summary
TopComponent.NodeName(TopComponent top)
          Deprecated. Please do not use, public just by an accident.
Method Summary
static void connect(TopComponent top, Node n)
          Deprecated. Connects a top component and a node.
 void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent ev)
          Deprecated. Please do not use, public just by an accident.
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Constructor Detail


public TopComponent.NodeName(TopComponent top)
Deprecated. Please do not use, public just by an accident.

Constructs new name adapter that can be attached to any node and will listen on changes of its display name and modify the name of the component.

top - top component to modify its name
Method Detail


public static void connect(TopComponent top,
                           Node n)
Connects a top component and a node. The name of component will be updated as the name of the node changes.

top - top compoonent to modify its name
n - node to take name from


public void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent ev)
Deprecated. Please do not use, public just by an accident.

Listens to Node.PROP_DISPLAY_NAME.

Specified by:
propertyChange in interface PropertyChangeListener
propertyChange in class NodeAdapter 6.5.22

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