org.openide.util 6.8.22

Package org.openide.util.datatransfer

NetBeans uses special extensions to data transfer.


Interface Summary
ClipboardListener Listener to changes in the clipboard.
ExClipboard.Convertor Convertor that can convert the contents of a clipboard to additional flavors.
MultiTransferObject Interface for transferring multiple objects at once.
TransferListener Allows listening to progress of manipulation with ExTransferable.

Class Summary
ClipboardEvent Event describing change of clipboard content.
ExClipboard Extended clipboard that supports listeners that can be notified about changes of content.
ExTransferable Provides additional operations on a transferable.
ExTransferable.Multi Transferable object for multiple transfer.
ExTransferable.Single Support for transferable owner with only one data flavor.
NewType Describes a type that can be created anew.
PasteType Clipboard operation providing one kind of paste action.

Package org.openide.util.datatransfer Description

NetBeans uses special extensions to data transfer. The primary extensions to the Java Data Transfer API are that:

org.openide.util 6.8.22

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