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Interface NbDocument.CustomEditor

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public static interface NbDocument.CustomEditor
extends Document

Enabled documents to add special UI components to their Editor pane. If this interface is implemented by the Editor document, it can be used to add other components (such as toolbars) to the pane.

Field Summary
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StreamDescriptionProperty, TitleProperty
Method Summary
 Component createEditor(JEditorPane j)
          Create a whole editor component over the given JEditorPane.
Methods inherited from interface javax.swing.text.Document
addDocumentListener, addUndoableEditListener, createPosition, getDefaultRootElement, getEndPosition, getLength, getProperty, getRootElements, getStartPosition, getText, getText, insertString, putProperty, remove, removeDocumentListener, removeUndoableEditListener, render

Method Detail


Component createEditor(JEditorPane j)
Create a whole editor component over the given JEditorPane. The implementation should generally add some kind of scrolling support to the given JEditorPane (typically with scrollbars), possibly some other components according to the desired layout, and return the resulting container.

j - editor pane over which the resulting component will be built
component encapsulating the pane and all other custom UI components

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