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Uses of Interface

Packages that use JavaDoc
org.openide.src The parsing results of Java sources and the result of Java Reflection may be uniformly accessed as source elements

Uses of JavaDoc in org.openide.src

Subinterfaces of JavaDoc in org.openide.src
static interface JavaDoc.Class
          The JavaDoc of a class.
static interface JavaDoc.Field
          The JavaDoc of a field.
static interface JavaDoc.Method
          The JavaDoc of a method.

Methods in org.openide.src that return JavaDoc
static JavaDoc JavaDocSupport.createInitializerJavaDoc(String text)
          Creates a new instance of memory implementation of JavaDoc interface.
static JavaDoc JavaDocSupport.createJavaDoc(String text)
          Creates new instance of memory implementation of JavaDoc interface.
 JavaDoc InitializerElement.getJavaDoc()
          Get the class documentation.
 JavaDoc InitializerElement.Impl.getJavaDoc()
          Get the JavaDoc.

org.openide.src 1.8.22

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