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Class FilterNode.PropertyChangeAdapter

  extended by org.openide.nodes.FilterNode.PropertyChangeAdapter
All Implemented Interfaces:
PropertyChangeListener, EventListener
Enclosing class:

protected static class FilterNode.PropertyChangeAdapter
extends Object
implements PropertyChangeListener

Adapter that listens on changes in an original node and refires them in a proxy. This adapter is created during initialization in FilterNode.createPropertyChangeListener(). The method can be overriden and this class used as the super class for the new implementation.

A reference to the proxy is stored by weak reference, so it does not prevent the node from being finalized.

Constructor Summary
FilterNode.PropertyChangeAdapter(FilterNode fn)
          Create a new adapter.
Method Summary
protected  void propertyChange(FilterNode fn, PropertyChangeEvent ev)
          Actually propagate the event.
 void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent ev)
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Constructor Detail


public FilterNode.PropertyChangeAdapter(FilterNode fn)
Create a new adapter.

fn - the proxy
Method Detail


public final void propertyChange(PropertyChangeEvent ev)
Specified by:
propertyChange in interface PropertyChangeListener


protected void propertyChange(FilterNode fn,
                              PropertyChangeEvent ev)
Actually propagate the event. Intended for overriding.

fn - the proxy
ev - the event

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