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Interface ConnectionCookie

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Deprecated. Should no longer be used.

public interface ConnectionCookie
extends Node.Cookie

Cookie that allows connection between two objects. Also supporting persistent connections.

Nested Class Summary
static class ConnectionCookie.Event
          Deprecated. Event that is fired to listeners.
static interface ConnectionCookie.Listener
          Deprecated. Cookie that must be provided by a node that is willing to register itself as a listener to a ConnectionCookie.
static interface ConnectionCookie.Type
          Deprecated. Interface describing cookie type of event a cookie can produce.
Method Summary
 Set getTypes()
          Deprecated. Unmutable set of types supported by this connection source.
 void register(ConnectionCookie.Type type, Node listener)
          Deprecated. Attaches new node to listen to events produced by this event.
 void unregister(ConnectionCookie.Type type, Node listener)
          Deprecated. Unregisters an listener.

Method Detail


void register(ConnectionCookie.Type type,
              Node listener)
              throws IOException
Attaches new node to listen to events produced by this event. The type must be one of event types supported by this cookie and the listener should have ConnectionCookie.Listener cookie attached so it can be notified when event of requested type occurs.

type - the type of event, must be supported by the cookie
listener - the node that should be notified
InvalidObjectException - if the type is not supported by the cookie
IOException - if the type is persistent and the listener does not have serializable handle (listener.getHandle () is null or its serialization throws an exception)


void unregister(ConnectionCookie.Type type,
                Node listener)
                throws IOException
Unregisters an listener.

type - type of event to unregister the listener from listening to
listener - to unregister
IOException - if there is I/O operation error when the removing the listener from persistent storage


Set getTypes()
Unmutable set of types supported by this connection source.

a set of Type objects

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