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org.openide.loaders Datasystems are the logical layer between a filesystem and the regular functions of the IDE. 

Uses of DataObject in org.openide.actions

Methods in org.openide.actions with parameters of type DataObject
static Set InstantiateAction.instantiateTemplate(DataObject obj)
          Deprecated. Instantiate a template object.

Uses of DataObject in org.openide.loaders

Subclasses of DataObject in org.openide.loaders
 class DataFolder
          A folder containing data objects.
 class DataShadow
          Default implementation of a shortcut to another data object.
 class InstanceDataObject
          A data object whose only purpose is to supply InstanceCookie.
 class MultiDataObject
          Provides support for handling of data objects with multiple files.
 class XMLDataObject
          Object that provides main functionality for xml documents.

Methods in org.openide.loaders that return DataObject
 DataObject DataObject.copy(DataFolder f)
          Copy this object to a folder.
 DataObject DataObject.createFromTemplate(DataFolder f)
          Create a new object from template (with a name depending on the template).
 DataObject DataObject.createFromTemplate(DataFolder f, String name)
          Create a new object from template.
protected static DataObject DataShadow.deserialize(FileObject fileObject)
          Tries to load the original file from a shadow.
static DataObject DataObject.find(FileObject fo)
          Finds the data object for a specified file object.
 DataObject DataLoaderPool.findDataObject(FileObject fo)
          Find a data object for this file object (not for normal users of the APIs).
 DataObject DataLoaderPool.findDataObject(FileObject fo, DataLoader.RecognizedFiles r)
          Find a data object for this file object, considering already-recognized files (not for normal users of the APIs).
 DataObject DataLoader.findDataObject(FileObject fo, DataLoader.RecognizedFiles recognized)
          Find a data object appropriate to the given file object--the meat of this class.
 DataObject[] DataShadow.getChildren()
          Implementation of Container interface.
 DataObject[] DataObject.Container.getChildren()
 DataObject[] DataFolder.getChildren()
          Get the children of this folder.
protected  DataObject OpenSupport.Env.getDataObject()
          Getter for data object.
 DataObject DataObjectExistsException.getDataObject()
          Get the object which already exists.
 DataObject DataNode.getDataObject()
          Get the represented data object.
static DataObject LoaderTransfer.getDataObject(Transferable t, int action)
          Obtain a DataObject from a transferable.
static DataObject[] LoaderTransfer.getDataObjects(Transferable t, int action)
          Obtain a list of DataObjects from a transferable.
 DataObject[] DataObject.Registry.getModified()
          Get modified objects.
 DataObject OperationEvent.getObject()
          Get the data object that has been modified.
 DataObject DataShadow.getOriginal()
          Return the original shadowed object.
 DataObject OperationEvent.Copy.getOriginalDataObject()
          Get the original data object.
 DataObject TemplateWizard.getTemplate()
          Getter for template to create object from.
protected  DataObject MultiDataObject.handleCopy(DataFolder df)
          Copies primary and secondary files to new folder.
protected  DataObject InstanceDataObject.handleCopy(DataFolder df)
protected  DataObject DataShadow.handleCopy(DataFolder f)
protected abstract  DataObject DataObject.handleCopy(DataFolder f)
          Copy this object to a folder (implemented by subclasses).
protected  DataObject DataFolder.handleCopy(DataFolder f)
protected  DataObject MultiDataObject.handleCreateFromTemplate(DataFolder df, String name)
protected  DataObject InstanceDataObject.handleCreateFromTemplate(DataFolder df, String name)
protected abstract  DataObject DataObject.handleCreateFromTemplate(DataFolder df, String name)
          Create a new data object from template (implemented in subclasses).
protected  DataObject DataFolder.handleCreateFromTemplate(DataFolder f, String name)
protected  DataObject MultiFileLoader.handleFindDataObject(FileObject fo, DataLoader.RecognizedFiles recognized)
protected abstract  DataObject DataLoader.handleFindDataObject(FileObject fo, DataLoader.RecognizedFiles recognized)
          Find a data object appropriate to the given file object (as implemented in subclasses).

Methods in org.openide.loaders with parameters of type DataObject
protected  InstanceCookie FolderInstance.acceptDataObject(DataObject dob)
          Allows subclasses to decide whether they want to work with the specified DataObject or not.
 boolean DataFilter.acceptDataObject(DataObject obj)
          Should the data object be displayed or not?
static DataShadow DataShadow.create(DataFolder folder, DataObject original)
          Method that creates new data shadow in a folder.
static DataShadow DataShadow.create(DataFolder folder, String name, DataObject original)
          Method that creates new data shadow in a folder.
static DataShadow DataShadow.create(DataFolder folder, String name, DataObject original, String ext)
          Method that creates new data shadow in a folder.
static Lookup Environment.find(DataObject obj)
          Finds a lookup for given data object.
static Context Environment.findSettingsContext(DataObject obj)
          Finds a JNDI context for a given data object.
static URL TemplateWizard.getDescription(DataObject obj)
          Method to get a description for a data object.
static String TemplateWizard.getDescriptionAsResource(DataObject obj)
          Deprecated. Use TemplateWizard.getDescription(org.openide.loaders.DataObject) instead.
 Lookup Environment.Provider.getEnvironment(DataObject obj)
          Returns a lookup that represents environment.
static TemplateWizard.Iterator TemplateWizard.getIterator(DataObject obj)
          Finds a custom iterator attached to a template that should be used to instantiate the object.
protected  Object FolderLookup.instanceForCookie(DataObject dobj, InstanceCookie cookie)
          Overrides superclass method.
protected  Object FolderInstance.instanceForCookie(DataObject obj, InstanceCookie cookie)
          Method that is called when a the folder instance really wants to create an object from provided cookie.
 Set TemplateWizard.instantiate(DataObject template)
          Chooses the template and instantiates it.
 Set TemplateWizard.instantiate(DataObject template, DataFolder targetFolder)
          Chooses the template and instantiates it.
static void TemplateWizard.setDescription(DataObject obj, URL url)
          Method to attach a description to a data object.
static void TemplateWizard.setDescriptionAsResource(DataObject obj, String rsrc)
          Deprecated. Use TemplateWizard.setDescription(org.openide.loaders.DataObject, instead.
static void TemplateWizard.setIterator(DataObject obj, TemplateWizard.Iterator iter)
          Deprecated. since 2.13 you should provide the iterator from getCookie method
 void DataFolder.setOrder(DataObject[] arr)
          Set the order of the children.
 void TemplateWizard.setTemplate(DataObject obj)
          Sets the template.
static ExTransferable.Single LoaderTransfer.transferable(DataObject d, int actions)
          Creates transferable that represents an operation, such as cut-to-clipboard.

Constructors in org.openide.loaders with parameters of type DataObject
DataNode(DataObject obj, Children ch)
          Create a data node with the given children set for the given data object.
DataNode(DataObject obj, Children ch, Lookup lookup)
          Create a data node for a given data object.
DataObjectExistsException(DataObject obj)
          Create new exception.
DataShadow(FileObject fo, DataObject original, DataLoader loader)
          Deprecated. Since 1.13 do not use this constructor, it is for backward compatibility only
DataShadow(FileObject fo, DataObject original, MultiFileLoader loader)
          Constructs new data shadow for given primary file and referenced original.
OpenSupport.Env(DataObject obj)

Uses of DataObject in org.openide.text

Fields in org.openide.text declared as DataObject
protected  DataObject EditorSupport.Editor.obj
          data object to work with

Methods in org.openide.text that return DataObject
static DataObject DataEditorSupport.findDataObject(Line l)
          Support method that extracts a DataObject from a Line.
 DataObject DataEditorSupport.getDataObject()
          Getter of the data object that this support is associated with.

Methods in org.openide.text with parameters of type DataObject
static CloneableEditorSupport DataEditorSupport.create(DataObject obj, MultiDataObject.Entry entry, CookieSet set)
          Factory method to create simple CloneableEditorSupport for a given entry of a given DataObject.

Constructors in org.openide.text with parameters of type DataObject
DataEditorSupport.Env(DataObject obj)
DataEditorSupport(DataObject obj, CloneableEditorSupport.Env env)
          Editor support for a given data object.
EditorSupport.Editor(DataObject obj)
EditorSupport.Editor(DataObject obj, EditorSupport support)

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