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org.openide.loaders Datasystems are the logical layer between a filesystem and the regular functions of the IDE. 

Uses of DataFolder.SortMode in org.openide.loaders

Fields in org.openide.loaders declared as DataFolder.SortMode
static DataFolder.SortMode DataFolder.SortMode.CLASS
          Objects are sorted by their types and then by names.
static DataFolder.SortMode DataFolder.SortMode.FOLDER_NAMES
          Folders go first (sorted by name) followed by non-folder objects sorted by name.
static DataFolder.SortMode DataFolder.SortMode.LAST_MODIFIED
          Folders go first (sorted by name) followed by files sorted by decreasing last modification time.
static DataFolder.SortMode DataFolder.SortMode.NAMES
          Objects are sorted by their names.
static DataFolder.SortMode DataFolder.SortMode.NONE
          Objects are unsorted.
static DataFolder.SortMode DataFolder.SortMode.SIZE
          Folders go first (sorted by name) followed by files sorted by decreasing size.

Methods in org.openide.loaders that return DataFolder.SortMode
 DataFolder.SortMode DataFolder.getSortMode()
          Get the sort mode of the folder.

Methods in org.openide.loaders with parameters of type DataFolder.SortMode
 void DataFolder.setSortMode(DataFolder.SortMode mode)
          Set the sort mode for the folder.

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