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NetBeans File Systems API


File Systems API
org.openide.filesystems The IDE internally uses the concept of a virtual filesystem.


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Exported Interfaces

This table lists all of the module exported APIs with defined stability classifications. It is generated based on answers to questions about the architecture of the module. Read them all...
Group of java interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?
FilesystemsAPIExportedOfficial .../openide/filesystems/doc-files/api.html

Group of property interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

Name of attribute file can be changed , if .nbattrs can't be used.


Periodic refresh can be set.


If true, better diagnostic information will be available as to when file input or output streams were opened that prevent a file from being deleted because they were not closed. This information comes at a performance cost, however.

Group of dtd interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?
attributes-1_0.dtdExportedStable .../

-//NetBeans//DTD DefaultAttributes 1.0//EN

filesystem-1_0.dtdExportedStable .../

-//NetBeans//DTD Filesystem 1.0//EN

Implementation Details

Read more about the implementation in the answers to architecture questions.

org.openide.filesystems 6.4.22

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