org.openide.filesystems 6.4.22

Uses of Interface

Uses of AbstractFileSystem.List in org.openide.filesystems

Classes in org.openide.filesystems that implement AbstractFileSystem.List
 class DefaultAttributes
          Implementation of AbstractFileSystem.Attr using a special file in each folder for holding attributes.
static class JarFileSystem.Impl
          Implementation of all interfaces List, Change, Info and Attr that delegates to JarFileSystem
static class LocalFileSystem.Impl
          The implementation class that implements List, Info and Change interfaces and delegates all the methods to appropriate methods of LocalFileSystem.
static class XMLFileSystem.Impl
          Implementation of all interfaces List, Change, Info and Attr that delegates to XMLFileSystem

Fields in org.openide.filesystems declared as AbstractFileSystem.List
protected  AbstractFileSystem.List AbstractFileSystem.list
          Provider of hierarchy of files.

Constructors in org.openide.filesystems with parameters of type AbstractFileSystem.List
DefaultAttributes(AbstractFileSystem.Info info, AbstractFileSystem.Change change, AbstractFileSystem.List list)
DefaultAttributes(AbstractFileSystem.Info info, AbstractFileSystem.Change change, AbstractFileSystem.List list, String fileName)

org.openide.filesystems 6.4.22

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