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Package org.openide.explorer.view

The Explorer is really an abstraction that needs a view to actually display the nodes.


Interface Summary
MenuView.Acceptor Deprecated. This interface is almost the same as NodeAcceptor so it is redundant and obsoleted.

Class Summary
BeanTreeView Functioning tree view class.
ChoiceView Explorer view based on a combo box.
ContextTreeView Context tree view class.
IconView A view displaying icons.
ListTableView Deprecated. Use org.openide.explorer.view.TreeTableView instead.
ListView Explorer view to display items in a list.
MenuView An explorer view that shows the context hierarchy in a popup menu.
MenuView.Menu Menu item representing a node (with children) in a menu hierarchy.
MenuView.MenuItem Menu item that can represent one node in the tree.
NodeListModel Model for displaying the nodes in list and choice.
NodeRenderer Default renderer for nodes.
NodeTableModel Table model with properties (Node.Property) as columns and nodes (Node) as rows.
NodeTreeModel Model for displaying the nodes in tree.
TreeTableView Explorer view.
TreeView Base class for tree-style explorer views.
Visualizer This class provide access to thread safe layer that reflects the hierarchy of Nodes, but is updated only in event dispatch thread (in contrast to nodes that can be updated from any thread).

Package org.openide.explorer.view Description

The Explorer is really an abstraction that needs a view to actually display the nodes. The same nodes might be represented as an expandable tree, as a tabbed pane showing icons, as a popup menu, etc. The Explorer API permits creation of new views, and contains several standard views that may be reused in special contexts.

org.openide.explorer 6.5.22 1

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