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Class Visualizer

  extended by org.openide.explorer.view.Visualizer

public class Visualizer
extends Object

This class provide access to thread safe layer that reflects the hierarchy of Nodes, but is updated only in event dispatch thread (in contrast to nodes that can be updated from any thread). That is why this class is useful for writers of explorer views, because it guarantees that all changes will be done safely.

NodeTreeModel, NodeListModel, etc. use these objects as its model values.

Method Summary
static Node findNode(Object visualizer)
          Converts visualizer object back to its node representant.
static TreeNode findVisualizer(Node node)
          Methods that create a tree node for given node.
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Method Detail


public static TreeNode findVisualizer(Node node)
Methods that create a tree node for given node. The tree node reflects the state of the associated node as close as possible, but is updated asynchronously in event dispatch thread.

This method can be called only from AWT-Event dispatch thread.

node - node to create safe representant for
tree node that represents the node


public static Node findNode(Object visualizer)
Converts visualizer object back to its node representant.

visualizer - visualizer create by findVisualizer method
node associated with the visualizer
ClassCastException - if the parameter is invalid

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