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Package org.openide.explorer.propertysheet

The exact properties of a node may be displayed and edited with the Property Sheet.


Interface Summary
ExPropertyEditor An extension interface for property editors that hides all the necessary communication with the IDE.
ExPropertyModel Deprecated. - Use PropertySupport.Reflection or BeanNode if you need to expose bean properties
InplaceEditor Interface defining the contract of reusable inline cell editors for properties.
InplaceEditor.Factory A factory for inplace editor instances.
PropertyModel A model defining the behavior of a property.

Class Summary
DefaultPropertyModel Deprecated. Use org.openide.nodes.PropertySupport.Reflection instead
PropertyEnv PropertyEnv is a class which allows an object (such as a Node.Property instance) to communicate hints to property editor instances that affect the behavior or visual rendering of the property in a PropertySheet or PropertyPanel component.
PropertyPanel PropertyPanel is a generic GUI component for displaying and editing a JavaBeans™ property or any compatible getter/setter pair for which there is a property editor available, in accordance with the JavaBeans specification.
PropertySheet Implements a property sheet for a set of nodes.
PropertySheetSettings Deprecated. None of the settings in this class are supported in the new property sheet.
PropertySheetView An Explorer view displaying a property sheet.

Package org.openide.explorer.propertysheet Description

The exact properties of a node may be displayed and edited with the Property Sheet. The Explorer API describes how to embed a property sheet in a custom container, or use pieces of its implementation.

org.openide.explorer 6.5.22 1

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