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Interface FileBuiltQueryImplementation

public interface FileBuiltQueryImplementation

Test whether a file can be considered to be built (up to date). Register to default lookup.

Rather than registering a global instance, if your implementation is applicable only to project-owned files, you should add it to Project.getLookup() and depend on the org.netbeans.modules.projectapi module.

See Also:
FileBuiltQuery, AntProjectHelper.createGlobFileBuiltQuery(...)

Method Summary
 FileBuiltQuery.Status getStatus(FileObject file)
          Check whether a (source) file has been somehow built or processed.

Method Detail


FileBuiltQuery.Status getStatus(FileObject file)
Check whether a (source) file has been somehow built or processed. This would typically mean that at least its syntax has been validated by a build system, some conventional output file exists and is at least as new as the source file, etc. For example, for a source file, this could check whether Foo.class exists (in the appropriate build directory) with at least as new a timestamp.

file - a source file which can be built to a direct product
a status object that can be queries and listened to, or null for no answer

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