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Interface CopyOperationImplementation

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public interface CopyOperationImplementation
extends DataFilesProviderImplementation

Project Copy Operation. Allows to gather information necessary for project copy and also provides callbacks to the project type to handle special checkpoints during the copy process. An implementation of this interface may be registered in the project's lookup to support copy operation in the following cases:

The project type is not required to put an implementation of this interface into the project's lookup if the above two cases should not be supported.


Method Summary
 void notifyCopied(Project original, File originalPath, String nueName)
          Notification that the copy operation has finished.
 void notifyCopying()
          Pre-copy notification.
Methods inherited from interface org.netbeans.spi.project.DataFilesProviderImplementation
getDataFiles, getMetadataFiles

Method Detail


void notifyCopying()
                   throws IOException
Pre-copy notification. The exact meaning is left on the project implementors, but typically this means to undeloy the application and remove all artifacts created by the build project.

IOException - if an I/O operation fails.


void notifyCopied(Project original,
                  File originalPath,
                  String nueName)
                  throws IOException
Notification that the copy operation has finished. Is supposed to fix the newly created (copied) project into the correct state (including changing its display name to nueName). Should be called on both original and newly created project (in this order).

original - null when called on the original project, the original project when called on the new project
originalPath - the project folder of the original project (for consistency with MoveOperationImplementation.notifyMoved)
nueName - new name for the newly created project.
IOException - if an I/O operation fails.

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