Class ProjectClassPathSupport

  extended by

public class ProjectClassPathSupport
extends Object

ProjectClassPathSupport is a support class for creating classpath based on the list of ant properties.

Since: 1.3

Method Summary
static ClassPathImplementation createPropertyBasedClassPathImplementation(File projectFolder, PropertyEvaluator evaluator, String[] propertyNames)
          Creates new classpath based on the ant property.
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Method Detail


public static ClassPathImplementation createPropertyBasedClassPathImplementation(File projectFolder,
                                                                                 PropertyEvaluator evaluator,
                                                                                 String[] propertyNames)
Creates new classpath based on the ant property. The returned classpath listens on changes of property value.

projectFolder - File the project folder used to resolve relative paths
evaluator - PropertyEvaluator used for obtaining the value of given property and listening on value changes.
propertyNames - the names of ant properties the classpath will be build on, can't be or contain null. It can contain duplicates, in this case the duplicated property is used multiple times. The values of given properties are concatenated into a single path.
an ClassPathImplementation based on the given ant properties. 1.8.22

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