Class PlatformInstall

  extended by
      extended by

public abstract class PlatformInstall
extends GeneralPlatformInstall

Defines an API for registering custom Java platform installer. The Installer is responsible for recognizing the platform, through its accept(org.openide.filesystems.FileObject) method, and for instantiation itself, through the provided wizard iterator.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  boolean accept(FileObject baseFolder)
          Checks whether a given folder contains a platform of the supported type.
abstract  WizardDescriptor.InstantiatingIterator createIterator(FileObject baseFolder)
          XXX Javadoc for this method is completely inadequate.
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Constructor Detail


public PlatformInstall()
Method Detail


public abstract WizardDescriptor.InstantiatingIterator createIterator(FileObject baseFolder)
XXX Javadoc for this method is completely inadequate. What does it do? Determines whether the Recognizer recognizes a Java Platform in the passed folder. The check done by this method should be quick and should not involve launching the virtual machine. The framework will call a more detailed check later.

TemplateWizard.Iterator instance responsible for instantiating the platform. The instantiate method of the returned iterator should return the Set containing the created JavaPlatform.


public abstract boolean accept(FileObject baseFolder)
Checks whether a given folder contains a platform of the supported type.

baseFolder - folder which may be an installation root of a platform
true if the folder is recognized 1.7.22

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