org.netbeans.modules.editor.settings/1 1.4.22

Class FontColorSettings

  extended by org.netbeans.api.editor.settings.FontColorSettings

public abstract class FontColorSettings
extends Object

Fonts and Colors settings are represented by map of key=<String>fonts and colors syntax name and value=AttributeSet.
The keys for returned AttributeSet are defined by StyleConstants and EditorStyleConstants

Supported keys for FontColorSettings are:

  1. StyleConstants.FontFamily
  2. StyleConstants.FontSize
  3. StyleConstants.Bold
  4. StyleConstants.Italic
  5. StyleConstants.Foreground
  6. StyleConstants.Background
  7. StyleConstants.Underline
  8. StyleConstants.StrikeThrough
  9. and all attributes defined in EditorStyleConstants

Instances of this class should be retrieved from the MimeLookup for a given mime-type.
This class must NOT be extended by any API clients

Field Summary
static String PROP_FONT_COLORS
Constructor Summary
          Construction prohibited for API clients.
Method Summary
abstract  AttributeSet getFontColors(String settingName)
          Gets the font and colors.
abstract  AttributeSet getTokenFontColors(String tokenName)
          Gets the token font and colors.
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Field Detail


public static final String PROP_FONT_COLORS
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Constructor Detail


public FontColorSettings()
Construction prohibited for API clients.

Method Detail


public abstract AttributeSet getFontColors(String settingName)
Gets the font and colors.

settingName - font and colors setting name
AttributeSet describing the font and colors.


public abstract AttributeSet getTokenFontColors(String tokenName)
Gets the token font and colors.

tokenName - token name
AttributeSet describing the font and colors

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