org.netbeans.modules.editor.mimelookup/1 1.3.22

Class MimeLookup

  extended by org.openide.util.Lookup
      extended by org.netbeans.api.editor.mimelookup.MimeLookup

public final class MimeLookup
extends Lookup

Mime Lookup provides lookup mechanism for mime specific objects. It can be used for example for retrieving mime specific editor settings, actions, etc.

For obtaining mime-type specific lookup getMimeLookup(String mimeType) static method can be used.

Because embeded languages (like JSP) can contain embeded mime types, the mime lookup also provides the functionality of lookup over these embeded mime types.

For obtaining mime-type specific embeded lookup childLookup(String mimeType) method can be used.

Clients can listen on the lookup result for lookup changes. Because lookup results are held weakly, client is responsible for reference holding during life-time frame. Listeners added to lookup result should be weak. As a pattern for that requirements, following code snippet can be used:

      public class MyClass {
          private Lookup.Result result;
          private LookupListener weakLookupListener;
          private LookupListener lookupListener

          public MyClass(){
              MimeLookup lookup = MimeLookup.getMimeLookup("text/x-java"); //use your content type here
              result = lookup.lookup(new Lookup.Template(YourObjectHere.class));
              result.allInstances(); // allInstances should be called, otherwise event will
                                     // not be fired - optimalization in ProxyLookup
              lookupListener = new LookupListener(){
                 public void resultChanged(LookupEvent ev) {
                     // handle your code

              weakLookupListener = (LookupListener) WeakListeners.create(
                      LookupListener.class, lookupListener, result);




Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class org.openide.util.Lookup
Lookup.Item, Lookup.Provider, Lookup.Result, Lookup.Template
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.openide.util.Lookup
Method Summary
 MimeLookup childLookup(String mimeType)
          Gets mime-type specific child (embeded) lookup.
static MimeLookup getMimeLookup(String mimeType)
          Gets mime-type specific lookup.
 Object lookup(Class clazz)
          Look up an object matching a given interface.
 Lookup.Result lookup(Lookup.Template template)
          The general lookup method.
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getDefault, lookupItem
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Method Detail


public static MimeLookup getMimeLookup(String mimeType)
Gets mime-type specific lookup.

mimeType - non-null mime-type string representation, e.g. "text/x-java"
non-null mime-type specific lookup


public MimeLookup childLookup(String mimeType)
Gets mime-type specific child (embeded) lookup. Child mime-type content can be embeded into parent mime-type content in various embeded languages. In this case mime-type lookup child is specified as subelement of parent lookup i.e.: MimeLookup("text/x-jsp") can have a child MimeLookup("text/x-java") in a case of a jsp scriplet.

mimeType - non-null mime-type string representation
non-null mime-type specific child (embeded) lookup


public Object lookup(Class clazz)
Look up an object matching a given interface. This is the simplest method to use. If more than one object matches, one will be returned arbitrarily. The template class may be a class or interface; the instance is guaranteed to be assignable to it.

Specified by:
lookup in class Lookup
clazz - class of the object we are searching for
an object implementing the given class or null if no such implementation is found


public Lookup.Result lookup(Lookup.Template template)
The general lookup method. Callers can get list of all instances and classes that match the given template and attach a listener to this be notified about changes. The general interface does not specify whether subsequent calls with the same template produce new instance of the Lookup.Result or return shared instance. The prefered behaviour however is to return shared one.

Specified by:
lookup in class Lookup
template - a template describing the services to look for
an object containing the results

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