org.netbeans.modules.editor.fold/1 1.5.22

Interface FoldManagerFactory

public interface FoldManagerFactory

This factory interface allows to produce FoldManager instance for the given fold.
It is intended for xml layer registration into the following folder in the system FS:

For example java fold manager factories should be registered in

The factories present in the folder can be sorted by using standard Layer Ordering.
The fold manager of factory A registered prior factory B produces folds with higher priority than those from fold manager of factory B.
If two folds would overlap the one with higher priority will be visible - see FoldManager for more details.

Method Summary
 FoldManager createFoldManager()
          Create fold manager instance.

Method Detail


FoldManager createFoldManager()
Create fold manager instance.

org.netbeans.modules.editor.fold/1 1.5.22

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