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Class MergeVisualizer

  extended by org.netbeans.spi.diff.MergeVisualizer

public abstract class MergeVisualizer
extends Object

This class represents a merge visualizer. It's used as a visual conflicts resolution tool for the process of merging of file conflicts.

The registered Merge Visualizers can be obtained via Lookup (e.g. you can get the default merge provider by Lookup.getDefault().lookup(MergeVisualizer.class))

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  Component createView(Difference[] diffs, StreamSource source1, StreamSource source2, StreamSource result)
          Show the visual representation of the merging process of two sources.
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Constructor Detail


public MergeVisualizer()
Method Detail


public abstract Component createView(Difference[] diffs,
                                     StreamSource source1,
                                     StreamSource source2,
                                     StreamSource result)
                              throws IOException
Show the visual representation of the merging process of two sources. The result of the merging process can be saved into a Writer even before all conflicts are actually resolved.

diffs - The list of conflicts.
source1 - the source of the first file
source2 - the source of the second file
result - the information about the result source
The Component representing the diff visual representation or null, when the representation is outside the IDE.
IOException - when the reading from input streams fails.

org.netbeans.modules.diff/1 1.15.22 42

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