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Class DiffProvider

  extended by org.netbeans.spi.diff.DiffProvider

public abstract class DiffProvider
extends Object

This class represents a provider of diff algorithm. The implementing class should calculate differences between two sources.

The registered Diff Providers can be obtained via Lookup (e.g. you can get the default diff provider by Lookup.getDefault().lookup(DiffProvider.class))

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  Difference[] computeDiff(Reader r1, Reader r2)
          Create the differences of the content two streams.
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Constructor Detail


public DiffProvider()
Method Detail


public abstract Difference[] computeDiff(Reader r1,
                                         Reader r2)
                                  throws IOException
Create the differences of the content two streams.

r1 - the first source
r2 - the second source to be compared with the first one.
the list of differences found, instances of Difference; or null when some error occured.
IOException - when the reading from input streams fails.

org.netbeans.modules.diff/1 1.15.22 42

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