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NetBeans MDR API

There are two kinds of API classes exposed by MDR: The reflective JMI API and JMI interfaces generated for MOF metamodel.


org.netbeans.api.mdr API classes and interfaces that serve as an entry point to a metadata repository.  
org.netbeans.api.xmi API classes and interfaces that are used for import/export of XMI documents into/from a JMI-compliant repository.


There are two kinds of API classes exposed by MDR:

By MDR a new kind of API is introduced - JMI interfaces generated from a given metamodel. Since it is expected that the number of NetBeans modules that will use MOF metamodels and JMI API generated from them to manage metadata, it is desirable to establish come conventions for where the generated API should be located (in what packages), where custom implementations of those metamodels should be and some other concepts like naming of metamodels and repositories. Suggested target package for metamodel specific JMI interfaces is org.netbeans.jmi.

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Use Cases

The MDR should be used for data-integration accross different modules in the IDE. An example usecase can be found at Basic usecases can also be found in the overview of individual API packages in javadoc.

Exported Interfaces

This table lists all of the module exported APIs with defined stability classifications. It is generated based on answers to questions about the architecture of the module. Read them all...
Group of java interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

OMG-Meta-Object-FacilityExportedStandard .../technology/documents/formal/mof.htm

OMG-XML-Metadata-InterchangeExportedStandard .../technology/documents/formal/xmi.htm


Group of property interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

Group of interfaces
Interface NameIn/OutStabilitySpecified in What Document?

For every storage the b-tree database creates two permanent files - index file (*.btx) and data file (*.btd). When modifying data in the database the b-tree creates an additional backup file (*.btb), which is deleted when the database is shutdown.

Implementation Details

What do other modules need to do to declare a dependency on this one?
OpenIDE-Module-Module-Dependencies: org.netbeans.api.mdr/1 OpenIDE-Module-Requires: org.netbeans.api.mdr.MDRManager

Read more about the implementation in the answers to architecture questions.

org.netbeans.api.mdr/1 1.4.22

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