org.netbeans.api.mdr/1 1.4.22

Class XMIInputConfig

  extended by org.netbeans.api.xmi.XMIInputConfig

public abstract class XMIInputConfig
extends Object

Configuration class for objects taking XMI as input (e.g. XMIReader).

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  XMIReferenceResolver getReferenceResolver()
          Returns a reference resolver to be used.
abstract  void setReferenceResolver(XMIReferenceResolver resolver)
          Sets reference resolver to be used for resolving hrefs when reading XMI.
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Constructor Detail


public XMIInputConfig()
Method Detail


public abstract void setReferenceResolver(XMIReferenceResolver resolver)
Sets reference resolver to be used for resolving hrefs when reading XMI. XMIReader/Consumer should call XMIReferenceResolver.register(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, javax.jmi.reflect.RefObject) for each object deserialized from XMI that has an xmi id associated with it. At the end of the XMI document, the XMI reader/consumer should call XMIReferenceResolver.resolve(org.netbeans.api.xmi.XMIReferenceResolver.Client, javax.jmi.reflect.RefPackage, java.lang.String, org.netbeans.api.xmi.XMIInputConfig, java.util.Collection) passing all of unresolved external references (hrefs). For immutable configurations this method throws UnsupportedOperationException.

resolver - Resolver to be used.


public abstract XMIReferenceResolver getReferenceResolver()
Returns a reference resolver to be used. This method should never return null for a configuration associated with an XMIReader/Consumer. Otherwise if null is returned, the default reference resolver will be used.

Reference resolver to be used or null.

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