org.netbeans.api.mdr/1 1.4.22


Interface Summary
MDRChangeListener Listener interface that allows repository clients to be notified of any changes in the repository after they occur.
MDRChangeSource Event source interface implemented by all the repository objects and MDRepository.
MDRPreChangeListener Listener interface containing methods that allow clients to keep track of planned changes in the metadata before they are performed.

Class Summary
AssociationEvent MDR Event used for representing association-related events.
AttributeEvent Class represeting MDR events related to changes of repository object (class/instance) attributes.
ExtentEvent MDR event used for representing events related to lifecycle of package extents in a repository (creation and deletion of extents).
InstanceEvent MDR Event used for representing events related to lifecycle of class instances (creation and deletion of instances).
MDRChangeEvent Root abstract class for all MDR events.
TransactionEvent Class representing MDR events related to start, commit and rollback of write transactions.

Exception Summary
VetoChangeException Can be thrown from MDRPreChangeListener.plannedChange( to veto the planned change.

org.netbeans.api.mdr/1 1.4.22

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