Class JavadocForBinaryQuery

  extended by

public class JavadocForBinaryQuery
extends Object

A query to find Javadoc root for the given classpath root.

Since: 1.4

Nested Class Summary
static interface JavadocForBinaryQuery.Result
          Result of finding Javadoc, encapsulating the answer as well as the ability to listen to it.
Method Summary
static JavadocForBinaryQuery.Result findJavadoc(URL binary)
          Find Javadoc information for a classpath root containing Java classes.
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Method Detail


public static JavadocForBinaryQuery.Result findJavadoc(URL binary)
Find Javadoc information for a classpath root containing Java classes.

These methods calls findJavadoc method on the JavadocForBinaryQueryImplementation instances registered in the lookup until null result is returned for given binaryRoot. The non null result is returned.

binary - URL of a classpath root
a result object encapsulating the answer (never null) 1.10.22

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