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Interface LazyDebuggerManagerListener

All Superinterfaces:
DebuggerManagerListener, EventListener, PropertyChangeListener
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface LazyDebuggerManagerListener
extends DebuggerManagerListener

This DebuggerManagerListener modification is designed to be registerred in "META-INF/debugger/org.netbeans.api.debugger.LazyDebuggerManagerListener". New instance of LazyDebuggerManagerListener implementation is loaded when the new instance of DebuggerManager is created, and its registerred automatically to all properties returned by getProperties().

Method Summary
 String[] getProperties()
          Returns list of properties this listener is listening on.
Methods inherited from interface org.netbeans.api.debugger.DebuggerManagerListener
breakpointAdded, breakpointRemoved, engineAdded, engineRemoved, initBreakpoints, initWatches, sessionAdded, sessionRemoved, watchAdded, watchRemoved
Methods inherited from interface java.beans.PropertyChangeListener

Method Detail


String[] getProperties()
Returns list of properties this listener is listening on.

list of properties this listener is listening on

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