Interface Presenter

All Known Subinterfaces:
Presenter.Menu, Presenter.Popup, Presenter.Toolbar
All Known Implementing Classes:
BooleanStateAction, CallableSystemAction

public interface Presenter

Provides a presentation feature for an action. Each action that wants to offer a kind of presentation of itself to the user should implement one of the inner interfaces.

For example to be presented in popup menu, an action should implement Presenter.Popup.

Normally actions should implement both Presenter.Menu and Presenter.Popup together and return the same menu item for each.

Note: implementing these interfaces yourself means that you want to provide some sort of unusual display format, e.g. a submenu! Most people will simply want to use a subclass of CallableSystemAction and use the default implementations of all three interfaces, according to SystemAction.getName() and SystemAction.iconResource().

Nested Class Summary
static interface Presenter.Menu
          The presenter interface for presenting an action in a menu.
static interface Presenter.Popup
          The presenter interface for presenting an action in a popup menu.
static interface Presenter.Toolbar
          The presenter interface for presenting an action in a toolbar.


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