Package org.openide.text

The IDE is able to integrate multiple editors for different content types and mechanically access their content.


Interface Summary
ActiveEditorDrop ActiveEditorDrop with artificial DataFlavor.
AnnotationProvider A provider of annotations for given context.
CloneableEditorSupport.Env Interface for providing data for the support and also locking the source of data.
CloneableEditorSupport.Pane Describes one existing editor.
NbDocument.Annotatable Enhanced version of document which is capable of attaching/detaching of annotations.
NbDocument.CustomEditor Enabled documents to add special UI components to their Editor pane.
NbDocument.CustomToolbar Enabled documents to add special UI toolbar components to their Editor pane.
NbDocument.PositionBiasable Enhanced version of document that provides better support for holding and working with biased positions.
NbDocument.Printable Document which may support styled text printing.
NbDocument.WriteLockable Specialized version of document that knows how to lock the document for complex modifications.

Class Summary
Annotatable Classes which are capable of holding annotations must extend this abstract class.
Annotation Description of annotation.
AttributedCharacters The class is a support for all classes that implement PrintCookie.
AttributedCharacters.AttributedCharacterIteratorImpl Implementation of AttributedCharacterIterator interface.
CloneableEditor Cloneable top component to hold the editor kit.
CloneableEditorSupport Support for associating an editor and a Swing Document.
DocumentLine Implementation of a line in a StyledDocument.
DocumentLine.Set Abstract implementation of Line.Set.
FilterDocument Document that delegates all functionality to given document.
FilterStyledDocument Document that delegates all functionality to a given StyledDocument.
IndentEngine Indentation engine for formating text in documents.
Line Represents one line in a text document.
Line.Part Representation of the part of the Line's text.
Line.Set Object that represents a snapshot of lines at the time it was created.
NbDocument Dummy class holding utility methods for working with NetBeans document conventions.
NbDocument.Colors Deprecated. Not useful for anything.
PositionBounds A range bounded by two PositionRefs.
PositionRef Reference to one position in a document.
PrintSettings Settings for output window.
PrintSettings.AlignmentEditor Property editor for alignment properties
PrintSettings.PageFormatEditor Property editor for PageFormat instances
PrintSettingsBeanInfo BeanInfo for PrintSettings.

Package org.openide.text Description

The IDE is able to integrate multiple editors for different content types and mechanically access their content.

Using the Editor API, it is possible to get access to the Swing-based editor which is being used to edit an open file of whatever content type. This would permit you to test what the user was doing with this file; mechanically retrieve and modify text from the open buffer; prevent certain areas of a textual file from being modified by the user; set visible "breakpoints" and similar IDE-oriented markings; and so on.

This API also permits a module implementor to add a custom editor for some or all (probably textual) content types. Essentially, any editor implementation may be used which is capable of being embedded as a Swing EditorKit; handling guarded blocks; and handling breakpoints and the like (for Java source).


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